OBJECTIVE: To develop intuitive, easy to use applications and website matching the users mental model. Work in an environment that promotes User Centered Design approach. It should challenging and fun, promoting growth, knowledge and skill.
  • Certified Usability Analyst (CUA from Human Factors International)
  • Over 10 years of experience in User Interface design and UX, designing rich interactive web applications/products and print media using User Centered Design approach
  • Experience with coolite application, ext js using ajax controls for Interface design mockups
  • Creation of Flash and Flex based demos and products
  • Lead and manage Graphic and UI design teams
  • Manage websites/products from conceptualization to Production
  • Experience in QA of websites and Products
  • Highly motivated individual with strong problem solving and communication skills. Passion for hard work and focused execution
COMPUTER SKILLS: Expertise: HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Pagemaker.
Working Knowledge: Ext js, Macromedia Flex, Ajax, Silverlight, xpression BlendSpry, XML, JSP, Java Applets, Java, Swing, Javascripts, SQL, Animator Pro, 3d Studio and Live image, Netbeans, Bugzilla, Oracle, Tomcat, Webtest Canoo, Eclipse Platform CVS, Front Page, Quark

Online Portfolio: www.bestwwwdesign.com/
Sample Websites: www.bestwwwdesign.com/MyWebSites/websites1.htm

Visit http://www.pointcross.com/flashDemos/demosList.asp for the product interfaces and walkthroughs that I have created for my current company -- Pointcross.

Products and Solutions:( www.bestwwwdesign.com/MyWebSites/websites2.htm )

Flash Demos showcasing User Interfaces I designed: ( www.bestwwwdesign.com/myswf/flash1.htm )

Specific Demos on Pointcross:


Jan 2007 – Present UI Lead /User Experience Designer, PointCross Inc.  CA, USA www.pointcross.com
Nov’99 – Dec 2006 Creative/User Experience Director, PharmQuest Corp.  CA, USA www.pharmquest.com
(PharmQuest was acquired by Pointcross in Jan 2007)

Job Profile:

  • Gather clear understanding of who the users are and how they will approach a website or application employing proven and objective data-gathering and analysis techniques.
  • Manage scenario development and task flow creation.
  • Creating low fidelity and high fidely mockups applying design principles.
  • Doing formative usability testing to see if the user goals were meet and and summative testing to validate if the product accomplished its intended goals.
  • Manage the overall creative look and feel of the website and various rich interactive customer facing solutions using design science and art techniques.
  • Identify new industry UX trends and turn insights into overall User Experience improvement plans.
  •  Provide guidance, insight and leadership across  UX designers to help create prototypes based on creative and user experience guidelines and analysis gathered.
  • Work closely with a number of multi-disciplined teams across the organization to ensure a consistent message is applied throughout the solution/application.
  • Participate in planning sessions to define and execute a site evolution strategy .
  • Coordinate with multi-disciplined teams to identify, prioritize and manage design projects throughout their lifecycle
  • Plan and Design brochures, banners, customized calendars,  t-shirts and various publicity material for the company. Plan and Design Booth  graphics, company collateral and banner for tradeshows.             

Freelance: Understanding client requirements, translating them into representations on the web, collaterals, posters etc. Some of the freelance clients in CA are Analog Bits, Yume Networks, ThinkVillage, John Welwood, Oconnor Hospital, DiscoveRx Corporation, Spinsite Incorporated, TiE Organization (The Indus Entrepreneurs), ITM Software, Silicon valley Accountancy Corporation, Luminow Inc., Cyber & Allied Solutions, Inc.


Feb’99 – Oct’99   Web Designer   vSplash.com Ltd.   Hyderabad, India www.vsplash.com

Job Profile:

  • To come up with the ideas and visuals for stunning websites on the lines of information given after extensive research. Designed approximately 50 to 60 websites for the following sectors: Business and Trading, Exclusifs, Travel, Fashion, Arts, Sports, Resumes, Family, Personal, Kids and Students.
  • Dynamically test the websites by using different values for the variables used while designing.
  • Quality check the websites (templates) designed by others and ensure the creative and function guidelines are meet.
Feb’98 - Jan’99 Web Designer Indoweb Communications Ahmedabad, India

Job Profile:

  • To interact with customers to evaluate the specifications and the USP’s (Unique Selling Points) of the product or the services that were to be highlighted in the website
  • Prepared and performed ground work required for designing of websites including graphics, real time motion videos, pictures, monograms, brochures, customer’s anticipation and appreciations
  • Design of the site making sure that the site is pleasant and has the right structure to display the content

April’96 - Jan’98 Product Manager Infocom Network Ltd. Ahmedabad, India

Job Profile:
  • Designing a road map of Ahmedabad city, India electronically, considering color sense, the way it was folded and presented, optimum utilization of the space, giving apt importance to the prominent advertisements. Published three Info-Maps. Info-Map was a half yearly publication
  • To use the model map electronically in an abstract form and than reverse engineer the same to identify the weak areas to be reworked upon
  • To keep a track of time on daily basis so that the deadline is successfully meet• Press Checking four color process jobs. Making color corrections if needed

2010 Certified Usability Analyst Human Factors International

April'96     Bachelor in Computer Technology     BIT, Bombay, India
Received the diploma with First Class

References available upon request.
Authorized to work in USA/Sponsorship not required