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helps information technology and telecom companies go international. The compnay provides a web-based platform that allows companies to identify a large number of potential partners, qualify these partners and quickly consummate the relationship. Companies can strike the right deal with the right partner in a short period of time with the company solution.
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Corio, Flextronics To Offer Application Services To Small And Midsize Companies
Flextronics International Ltd., a provider of manufacturing services, and Corio Inc., an application services provider, formed a partnership last week to offer services that help rapidly growing...
Fujitsu And Siemens Tie Powerhouse Knot
Japanese and German computer makers sign global partnership and aim for number one position in Europe.
PeopleSoft Partners In Two Markets
PeopleSoft on Wednesday announced partnerships in two markets it has been trumpeting for the past year: higher education and business intelligence
Offshore Outsourcing Nears Critical Mass
Emerging market alliances: Must they be win-lose?
Global companies are looking to emerging markets for growth. Companies in emerging markets are searching for ways into the burgeoning global economy. Alliances can seem the obvious solution for both sides.
Alliances and Risks: Securing a place in the victory parade
Large companies once embraced joint ventures to share the risk of large projects but their motives today are more diverse....